After noteworthy support from house legends Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak, Frames teams up with fellow Sydney-sider Nick Forrest on this deep-down double a-side of concerting nature.

Founder of Communication Records, Nick Forrest’s solo productions have often explored the galaxy of deep and downtempo house. Nick’s use of field recordings heightened by his obvious musicianship has been a unique ear opener in the ever-expanding reins of House.

The A-Side ‘Don’t You Mind’ is mint – I’m not sure of its tempo but it’s down there. Vocal ticks, jazzed out fills, it’s a real chin-stroking, cocktail-stirring groove machine….and can I get a little taste of acid up the back please?

AA ‘Losing You’ is at no risk of doing so. Pacey and certainly tasty. A signature Frames bassline and a great soul vocal adding the right loved-up attitude to what is a real heads down, light-dimming jam. A perfect play to ramp up those dizzy heads on the dancefloor.

Their debut double a-side is a must for all discerning or self-concerting househeads // //


What We Do Is Secret – a Modular party is happening at Oxford Art Factory on Saturday 27 July, and it’s now even bigger with a freshly announced line-up for the FBi Radio-hosted Gallery Bar. Curated by Modular Records and FBi Radio, What We Do Is Secret is a celebration of the community radio station’s 10 years on air.

As already announced, Klaxons will be performing a live DJ set (their only Aussie performance outside Splendour in the Grass), along-side label mates Movement, Softwar, and wordlife. Also joining the lineup are some forward thinking beat makers and DJs from Sydney town. On the live side, enjoy sets from Kilter, Moonbase Commander and Meare, and then spinning the latest and greatest from around the globe, we introduce local legends Mike Who, Kato, Kali (Picnic) and Max Gosford.

That’s a celebration of 10 years of quality community airplay on FBi Radio, over a dozen live acts and DJs across two rooms, on one huge night. That’s our kind of party!




CAT#: BL015


A cross-continent collaboration between Melbourne-based artisan Frafrafra and an exciting London poet, BBHollogramz.

Work That is an uncanny throwback to the Cali hip-hop that was consummated in the smoked out living rooms of the early 90s. It’s a re-education of a period in time that conjures up virtues such as Lauryn Hill, Higher Learning and packed out lowered Cadillac’s.

Your mind thinks a little slower as Frafrafra’s  beats and sliding synth work carry the scripter of BBHollogramz working through her sexuality and negotiating the outer planets. The 4-track EP is a fresh toxic breath of the future for beat poets.



Without further ado, it gives me a whole lota pleasure to share some more about an artist i’ve come to know as, Frafrafra. He’s musically-talented, has a deft ear for sound design and has a good handle on making his sound unique. I’ve been across his work for the past 2 years now it feels like a great time for me to share.

Blotter: Where do you live and what’s the calling card for your city?
live in Melbourne, but grew up in a small town which lacked a bit of live music, unless it was a cover-band which would rock out pub classics. Since living here I’ve met a few people who have a varied taste in music which has influenced me for the better, plus there’s a plethora of gigs always happening. It’s very hard to get bored in Melbourne.

Blotter: What’s todays headline in the Melbourne newspaper?
Rolf Harris has been dropped as the face of British Paints – A very Tiger Woods-esque scandal

Blotter: oh poor Rolf…and he was awarded a BAFTA last year. Quickly moving towards music, what producers inspire you right now?
I’ve always been a big fan of guys like Siriusmo, Tropics and Gold Panda. It’s hard to pigeonhole them because they can switch between so many genres. I also love my hip-hop, Outkast’s first 3 albums were masterpieces.

Blotter: How would you describe your sound?
I guess it lies somewhere between trip-hop and experimental something-or-other. I don’t even know if that’s right. But that’s normally the general consensus when someone hears one of the songs.

Blotter: You worked with a very talented vocalist/poet on your debut EP for Blotter. How did you meet BBHollogramz, she seems like a real go-getter in an exciting artist space?
It all happened when one of my good friends went over to the UK and showed his cousin Bonnie (BBHollogramz) some of my earliest production (I must of been the only person he knew who was attempting production… because I was pretty dismal) thankfully not long after she emailed me asking to collaborate on something. So we are yet to meet, it has mainly just been emails sent back and forth. She is definitely motivated, I’d send her a 30 second snippet and the next day she’d have all the verses written and recorded and then a week later a video to accompany it. I think it’s rare to find musicians who can be so driven and not run out of ideas and inspiration; so I was definitely lucky to get the hook-up.

Blotter: What other art/artists inspire you?
I’ve been obsessing over anime like Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai lately. The soundtracks that Tsutchie, Nujabes (R.I.P) & RZA all did for those shows are phenomenal. They play a part in influencing my sound. I also listen to a lot from dudes like Mikix The Cat/Momma’s Boy, Julio Bashmore, Jan Driver, Pow! Pow!, A1 Bassline etc. I’d like to delve into making tracks like those guys one day… once I learn how.


Moonbase Commander is a 21 year-old with a refreshing perspective on electronica. Bass, juke, trap, house all seem to be influences in his modest music career of just under 2 years. He’s a softly-spoken introvert who seems to express everything through his music. Tipped by Purple Sneakers indie blog as the Artist to Watch in 2013, the softly-spoken introvert as already gained recognition on FBi Radio’s Most Played list ahead of artists like Dan Deacon, Flying Lotus and How To Dress Well.

The Multiplexer EP features 3 originals from Moonbase Commander that follow a more downtempo lead. The remix package is backed by Mate Tollner’s take on UK Bass from his studio in Berlin, while Melbourne’s emerging artist Frafrafra demonstrates the blue-wave sound synonymous with artist such as Nicolas Jaar.

My House Is On Fire has been gifted as part of the EP via soundcloud to wet the aural appetites leading into the 5 track Multiplexer EP which is out now exclusive to Beatport.


Emerging in pulses across the Triple J and FBi airwaves, Moonbase Commander’s eclectic production of bass electronica has earned him a underground listenership throughout the country. His interpretation of the Beach Boys brought him into favour with blogs, press and radio who praised his melancholic beats and rallied punters who connected immediately via bandcamp and his live MPC shows. Come 23rd December, Moonbase Commander will drop a breakthrough EP with Blotter which for me feels honest, substantial, and with great perspective; for a man just 21, and writing electronica for less than 2 years it’s a commendable achievement.

B: How long have you been writing electronic music?
MBC: Since 2011

B: What’s your favourite piece of equipment to write with?
MBC: It depends on what sound I’m trying to achieve, but usually my SP404 sampler.

B: How does a Moonbase Commnader set work?
MBC: I aim to keep my sets pretty improvised and on-the-fly – you’ll hear a combination of songs, samples, beats and MCing. I like to keep it pretty fluid by mashing together different genres and styles, just having as much fun as I can.

B: What genres best classify your sound?
MBC: It changes around a lot, though the one label that sticks to all of my music the most is bass music. So anything that surrounds that genre is how I classify myself.

B: Who inspires your music right now?
MBC: Oh, that changes all the time – there are so many sources to name… Lunice, Mr. Oizo, Ta-Ku, Eprom, to list a few.

B: Where in the world are you right now, and what is the news headline?
MBC: I am in Sydney, Australia and the headlines are saying that the world is going to end.

Moonbase Commander – Muliplexer EP is out 23rd December through Blotter featuring remixes from Berlin’s Mate Tollner and a blue-wave remix Melbourne’s Frafrafra.




CAT#: BL013


After being playlisted by house music’s most respected (including DJ Sneak and Derrick Carter), the accolades for Master of Time begin to spread a whole lot farther with the release of the singles Remix EP last week. With full support through his Ibiza and UK shows DJ Sneak delivers a chi-town timeless dub, Bristol’s Futureboogie duo Behling & Simpson showcase their trademark 110bpm funk house, Sleep D of Death Strobe Records step out as disco experimentals in their far-out cosmic mix, and Ted Parties of Ted & Francis (Kitsune) fame deliver a tech house warmer.

With the premier of his remix EP on renowned music blog RCRD LBL, remix requests from labels such as Sinden’s Grizzly, and supports for artists like M83, Jimmy Edgar, and Chairlift, Frames’ profile as the young blood of the underground house scene is becoming evident.

Frames feat. J-Dub – Master of Time (DJ Sneak Remix) – via RCRD LBL
Frames feat. J-Dub – Master of Time (Flow Mix)



Australian producer, Frames has gained support from house music’s honour list with his debut single, Master of Time. A collaboration between Frames and chi-town native J-Dub, the release is being emphatically supported by house music big guns including DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter and Mark Farina. “To have such overwhelming support out of Chicago on my debut is amazing.”

Thankfully for Frames, the support doesn’t finish there for the new blood house cat. DJ Sneak has graciously offered up a timeless remix for the second release of the Master of Time single. Frames recognises, “DJ Sneak remixing me is the craziest thing ever…. The fact he’ll take time to encourage and support new guys he believes in commands respect.” The remix, which is being slayed by Sneak throughout the UK and Ibiza will retain its integrity by being made available next Wednesday as an exclusive giveaway through RCRD LBL.

The collaboration with Greenskeepers’ frontman and DFA-accredited J-Dub, was the link between Frames and the Chicago house scene. “Working with Frames was a real pleasure in spite of the fact we were literally continents away during the entire process. The distance was shattered by the great collaborative spirit we shared and the quality of the music he created.”

Frames feat. J-Dub – Master of Time (Sneak’s Timeless Dub) will be available early October 2012 followed by the Master of Time Remix EP on 18th October 2012 through Blotter. Additional remixes come courtesy of Futureboogie duo Behling & Simpson, Sleep D of Death Strobe Records and Butter Sessions, along with the solo work of Ted Parties from Kitsuné’s Ted & Francis.

LISTEN:            Frames feat. J-Dub – Master of Time (Sneak’s Timeless Dub)

DOWNLOAD: Frames feat. J-Dub – Master of Time (Radio Edit)


Frames single launch this Friday  10th August @ Spice Cellar….


Frames’s new single has been described as Maceo Plex on smack, but his DJing is more finely tuned. Come catch his set alongside a special performance from Moonbase Commander from his 404 sample machine.

FREE before Midnight at Spice Cellar (crn Martin Place & Elizabeth St).