Emerging in pulses across the Triple J and FBi airwaves, Moonbase Commander’s eclectic¬†production of bass electronica has earned him a underground listenership throughout the country. His interpretation of the Beach Boys brought him into favour with blogs, press and radio who praised his melancholic beats and rallied punters who connected immediately via bandcamp and his live MPC shows. Come 23rd December, Moonbase Commander will drop a breakthrough EP with Blotter which for me feels honest, substantial, and with great perspective; for a man just 21, and writing electronica for less than 2 years it’s a¬†commendable¬†achievement.

B: How long have you been writing electronic music?
MBC: Since 2011

B: What’s your favourite piece of equipment to write with?
MBC: It depends on what sound I’m trying to achieve, but usually my SP404 sampler.

B: How does a Moonbase Commnader set work?
MBC: I aim to keep my sets pretty improvised and on-the-fly – you’ll hear a combination of songs, samples, beats and MCing. I like to keep it pretty fluid by mashing together different genres and styles, just having as much fun as I can.

B: What genres best classify your sound?
MBC: It changes around a lot, though the one label that sticks to all of my music the most is bass music. So anything that surrounds that genre is how I classify myself.

B: Who inspires your music right now?
MBC: Oh, that changes all the time – there are so many sources to name… Lunice, Mr. Oizo, Ta-Ku, Eprom, to list a few.

B: Where in the world are you right now, and what is the news headline?
MBC: I am in Sydney, Australia and the headlines are saying that the world is going to end.

Moonbase Commander – Muliplexer EP is out 23rd December through Blotter featuring remixes from Berlin’s Mate Tollner and a blue-wave remix Melbourne’s Frafrafra.

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