Without further ado, it gives me a whole lota pleasure to share some more about an artist i’ve come to know as, Frafrafra. He’s musically-talented, has a deft ear for sound┬ádesign and has a good handle on making his sound unique. I’ve been across his work for the past 2 years now it feels like a great time for me to share.

Blotter: Where do you live and what’s the calling card for your city?
live in Melbourne, but grew up in a small town which lacked a bit of live music, unless it was a cover-band which would rock out pub classics. Since living here I’ve met a few people who have a varied taste in music which has influenced me for the better, plus there’s a plethora of gigs always happening. It’s very hard to get bored in Melbourne.

Blotter: What’s todays headline in the Melbourne newspaper?
Rolf Harris has been dropped as the face of British Paints – A very Tiger Woods-esque scandal

Blotter: oh poor Rolf…and he was awarded a BAFTA last year. Quickly moving towards music, what producers inspire you right now?
I’ve always been a big fan of guys like Siriusmo, Tropics and Gold Panda. It’s hard to pigeonhole them because they can switch between so many genres. I also love my hip-hop, Outkast’s first 3 albums were masterpieces.

Blotter: How would you describe your sound?
I guess it lies somewhere between trip-hop and experimental something-or-other. I don’t even know if that’s right. But that’s normally the general consensus when someone hears one of the songs.

Blotter: You worked with a very talented vocalist/poet on your debut EP for Blotter. How did you meet BBHollogramz, she seems like a real go-getter in an exciting artist space?
It all happened when one of my good friends went over to the UK and showed his cousin Bonnie (BBHollogramz) some of my earliest production (I must of been the only person he knew who was attempting production… because I was pretty dismal) thankfully not long after she emailed me asking to collaborate on something. So we are yet to meet, it has mainly just been emails sent back and forth. She is definitely motivated, I’d send her a 30 second snippet and the next day she’d have all the verses written and recorded and then a week later a video to accompany it. I think it’s rare to find musicians who can be so driven and not run out of ideas and inspiration; so I was definitely lucky to get the hook-up.

Blotter: What other art/artists inspire you?
I’ve been obsessing over anime like Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai lately. The soundtracks that Tsutchie, Nujabes (R.I.P) & RZA all did for those shows are phenomenal. They play a part in influencing my sound. I also listen to a lot from dudes like Mikix The Cat/Momma’s Boy, Julio Bashmore, Jan Driver, Pow! Pow!, A1 Bassline etc. I’d like to delve into making tracks like those guys one day… once I learn how.

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